During the Covid-19 period

We will be using our excellent group conferencing facilities.

Offering our Instructor and Examiner Refresher seminars

We are also offering ground and classroom work too, including:

  • Instrument Rating Ground School 

  • PBN Ground School

  • Type Rating ground school for any of the 17 types we fly (including differences training)


Plus individual or group distance learning for

  • PPL ground school

  • (Preparation for all exams)


All you will need is a computer and the ability to get online

General Risk Assessment

ATO Flying Risk Assessment

Recovery Risk Assessment

We have over 20 years’ operating as one of the UKs most experienced helicopter training companies. Talk to our experienced instructors about currency, advanced flying, type ratings, instrument and instructor qualifications.


All our instructors are also commercial pilots and so students benefit enormously especially if a commercial pilot is your chosen career.

Our instructors and examiners are amongst the most senior in the UK, and we are one of the few UK companies to offer type ratings on over 17 different types of helicopter, as well as Flight Instructor Refresher courses and Instrument Rating Examiner courses and other advanced training.

We have our own helicopter flight simulator that students use for developing instrument flying skills in a safe environment.

We have an advanced flying programme to excite and develop your PPL skills too.

Contact us and consult our Head of Training, Leon Smith especially if you have complex requirements.

Interactive Training Route Map

Helicopter Services is CAA and EASA approved and certified under AOC GB2128 (V21 Ltd T/A Helicopter Services Ltd).

Also one of the UK's leading CAA Approved Training Organisations (ATO) for over 17 types of helicopter, as well as PPL, CPL, ATPL, FI, IR, TR, FE, NR and ER courses.
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