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Advanced Flying Programme

If you already hold your PPL(H) it makes sense to develop your skills while you expand your adventures into practical flying. We understand that advancing your flying skills is more fun and best done within a structured advanced flying programme.

We have introduced an ‘Advanced Flying Programme’ in order for our licence holders to further their flying. From fundamental basic dual refresher flying to fly-aways to specific courses building to more ambitious trips and crossing international borders we have the experience to make you the best you can be. Call us to discuss an advanced flying programme for you to meet your skills development objectives.

To give you an idea, courses, events, fly-aways & trips can include:

  • Mountain Flying in North Wales – two-day weekend event.

  • Bad Weather awareness and implications course.

  • Instrument flying and bad weather flying using our Simulator.

  • Flight planning and filing experience with a Channel crossing to Le Touquet, France.

  • London Heli-route training.

  • Fly-away to Isle of Wight or Compton Abbas or Le Touquet, France.

  • Fly-away to Culdrose to visit military helicopters in their environment.

  • Navigation competition for members and their friends.

  • Two-day weekend trips to Southern Ireland or Isle of Skye or The Lake District or to the centre of Paris (Issy), France.

  • Longer trips to Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, or the Faroe Islands.

  • Longer range flying trips to Iceland, Greenland, Greece, Italy or Crete.

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