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Flight Examiner Ratings - FE(H), TRE(H)

Helicopter flight examiners hold a lot of responsibility, setting the standards across the industry and ensuring that they are maintained. With your flight examiner rating, you will start by conducting proficiency checks and PPL(H) skills tests. We use our Simulator extensively for this training.

From here, you can advance your examining to cover CPL(H) skills tests before moving up to become a TRE(H) – Type Rating Examiner. With the TRE(H) under your belt, you have the ability to proceed onto conducting operator proficiency checks for companies holding an air operator certificate (AOC).

This rating puts you near the top of the ladder throughout the helicopter industry, commands respect and opens up opportunities in your flying career.


Flight Examiner Rating Requirements

To initially become an examiner, you must:

Hold an equivalent rating or licence and have the privilege to instruct for this.
Be qualified to act as pilot in command of the aircraft during the test/check.
Not have been subject to any sanctions on your licence or ratings during the last 3 years.

Helicopter Services then offer examiner standardisation courses which include:

A comprehensive ground school section, explaining:

  • Briefing/debriefing procedures

  • Administrative procedures

  • Insurance requirements and fees

  • Other countries’ procedures

You will also conduct at least two full proficiency checks or skills tests for the type of examining you are seeking the privileges for.

You will then be required to demonstrate your competence as an examiner to either a CAA examiner or a Senior Examiner specifically authorised by the CAA.

The format stays the same when adding further examiner privileges, though the prerequisites may differ. For enquiries specific to you, either check CAP 804 or contact us.

We also offer Flight Examiner Refresher Seminars.

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