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Special Events

We offer any private charter you can think of subject to permissions. So, treat yourself to a wedding flight, a personalised sightseeing tour, or a day out to a hotel or restaurant to add to the celebration of your special day or anniversary. Our experienced pilots will give you the best service possible.

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Our helicopters are able to operate from small, private landing sites, giving you countless possibilities with increased flexibility for your special flight. We can pick you up or drop you off at a range of sites including, but not limited to, airports, hotels and restaurants such as Chewton Glen, New Forest, or The Crazy Bear, Oxfordshire, or even your back garden (size dependent). If you are uncertain as to whether the landing site you require is large enough, we will happily check for you.

Charter Details

The easiest way to organise your private charter is by contacting our Charter Manager. Please have ready or email us the necessary information and we will work on getting a quote to you as soon as we can:

  • Departure point (specific location)

  • Destination (specific location)

  • Date and time required

  • Number of passengers

  • Passenger weights

  • Any additional requests.

In the event that either the destination or departure points are not viable, we will work to find a convenient alternative for you. We will also happily organise champagne and food baskets for your private charter should you require these.

Please note that Helicopter Services is approved to operate into Europe, so we can organise a trip such as flying into the Paris heliport and staying in the city for the weekend.

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