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We are fully operational following Government Covid Guidance

Coronavirus pandemic


At Helicopter Services, our top priority is always to deliver superior service to our clients.  Given the current coronavirus pandemic, we are taking every precaution necessary to protect the health and safety of our team and their families and you and your families.  We are OPEN for business under certain conditions and in step with the official guidelines from the UK Government, which is updated as the situation develops.

If you show symptoms


If any of our customers or staff or if any member of their group/ family has:

  • Travelled from a category 1 location in the last 15 days.

  • Have any symptoms of the coronavirus. The Symptoms are a cough, or high temperature or shortness of breath or loss of smell/ taste.

  • Been in contact with someone with confirmed or suspected coronavirus in the last 15 days.

we ask that you NOT to come into Helicopter Services and that you follow the government advice to self-isolate.




Customers will be asked to review and complete a declaration in accordance with the above symptoms when arriving at Helicopter Services premises. Please only arrive by appointment made on the phone and call or message us when you are ready to enter our facilities after parking in the car park. When you do arrive at Helicopter Services please observe the strict sanitisation and social distancing being observed in our offices, briefing rooms, hangar and helicopters. You will be greeted and guided by our well-versed staff and given clear instructions, which are also displayed.  If you have any doubts, ask before you advance and don’t touch anything until you are advised.


Sanitisation and Social distance


All communal surfaces, bathroom facilities, offices, briefing rooms and helicopters are sanitised before and after each use. We all wash our hands regularly. Helicopters are sanitised before and after every flight including seats, seatbelts, door handles, headsets, control surfaces, and all interior surfaces. 


Clearly there remains the chance that someone who is asymptomatic may infect someone else.

However, by operating under these sensible conditions we can still conduct our business for you and minimise the possibility of transmission of Covid-19.


THANK YOU for your co-operation and for your business. We all appreciate it.

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